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Wahoo Newspaper Historical Articles

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Centennial Edition Contains Much of County's History

One hundred years ago, President Andrew Johnson proclaimed Nebraska statehood. This same year Saunders County (Calhoun) became a county. This week the Wahoo Newspaper presents its special Centennial Edition in observance of this one hundredth year.

Neither this, nor any newspaper special edition, could purport to serve as a history of Saunders County. Historians have accomplished far more in comparison through books and writings than what could be attempted by this newspaper. Never the less it is the purpose of this edition to give some insight, as little as it may be, into the free, adventuresome pioneering life of this county and to include other articles of historical significance bringing it up to date.

Thus, this newspaper volume will attempt to give the reader a taste of history. This was not possible, to say the least, without the aid of many people scattered throughout Saunders County. Far too many, indeed, to give credit to all, but without their aid this edition would not have been possible. Nearly all stories submitted were accepted.

Because a large amount of time and expense went into the formation of this edition, it was necessary to solicit advertising to help defray this expense. It then goes without saying that this edition would not have been possible without the generosity of the advertisers found herein. All contributed cheerfully and generously to its pages and are to be congratulated.

The object of this edition is not only to preserve from oblivion events from the past, but to give some accounting of the experiences of the intrepid men and women who paved the way in Saunders County for the development of this part of Nebraska; to give dates and statistics of importance, and to record other matters of interest, too valuable to be lost or overlooked.

Most of the actors in this drama of colonization have already passed from the stage since the Wahoo Newspaper was established in 1886, and with them has vanished all record of some of the exciting scenes in which they were participants during the territorial days of Nebraska. The Wahoo Newspaper is cognizant of the fact that

any important events have been omitted, and that several Parties who are rich with historic lore have not been interviewed and we ask our readers to be lenient, calling attention to these omissions that we may rectify them in any future Historical Editions. There will also be repetitions, unavoidable with an edition of this size.

Perhaps this Centennial Year with its many observances and stimulating a fresh appraisal will bring forth upon this county and its people a new spirit of pride and a fiery determination to make the century greater than the first.

A final suggestion to the reader: Save this edition of the Wahoo Newspaper. It could prove useful in school, as a memento, as an argument settler (or starter), and a century from now it may be quite valuable. Therefore it is with a feeling of pleasurable pride that we present this Centennial Edition. The work has been difficult and trying, but one of love and enjoyment. If this newspaper has done something worthwhile in publishing this edition it is because the Wahoo Newspaper has written of a worthwhile domain of a worthwhile people and under the inspiration of a worthwhile cause.

Derrel D. Ludi, editor