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Wahoo Newspaper Historical Articles

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30 - Year - Old Paper Tells of Marble Precinct

SEPTEMBER 17, 1937 - Marble precinct, in eastern Saunders county, is located in Township 14, Ranges 9 and 10, East of the Sixth Principal Meridian, and is bounded on the east by the Platte river. On the south, west and north it is bordered by Clear Creek, Wahoo, and Union precincts respectively. Its only town is the little village of Wann, located in the northwest corner of Section 36, on the Ashland-Fremont-Sioux City branch of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad. The soil of this precinct is excellent, and produces annually some of the finest crops in the entire county.

There are six district schools in Marble precinct, located as follows: one in the eastern part of section 33, one in the southeast corner of section 30, one on the northern side of section 22, one on the southern side of section 17, one in the northeast corner of section 7, and one in the southwest corner of section 2. There is a rural church in the southeast corner of section 29, and a rural cemetery on the northern line of section 22.

The following is a list of the substantial persevering citizens who resided near Yutan in Marble township thirty-two years ago: William Augustine, H. J. Backsen, R. G. Batten, Dave Gehrens, Detlef Behrens, T. S. Brook, F. W. Deerson, Detlef Eggers, Thomas and Anna Frahm, Henry Gibson, George Heldt, H. J. Heldt, Nicholas Heldt, C. P. Hulfish, Christ Jurgenson, John Kennec, August Kirchman, Louis Kuehl, Fred and W. C. Miller, John Mumm, Claus J. Ohm, Peter Ohm, H. C. Parmenter, Henry Paulson, A. G. Powell, J. L. Sagert, George W. Schulz, J. A. Shields, Jurgen Siebken, Fred Speck, Henry Speck, Henry Storm and Chris Trost.

The following got their mail at Ashland: Margaret and G. Adsit, Raymond Calvert, Jacob Decker, Isaac Doods, George H. Draper, George O. Everman, T. J. Freeman, Dennis Grimes, Owen V. Hurst, L. N. Johnson, Asmus Jurgenson, Peter Jurgenson, John Jurgenson, Alvin Laverty, Lewis Linebaugh, H. J. Miller, Nicholas Miller, Gus A. Nitz, S. P. Norris, Fred Ohm, John Ohm, John Prinz, D. B. Ramsey, George Reese, G. W. Rogers, Pharis Sanders, S. S. Sanders, Daniel Shupe, Martin Shupe, John Speckman, C. S. Stevens, Bert Tarpenning, Clem E. Tarpenning, T. T. Totten, G. W. Washburn, Burt Wells, N. J. White, Hans Wicht, A. H. Williams, A. L. Williams, J. O. Williams, M. L. Williams, Frank Wilson, J. E. Wilson, L. A. Wilson.

The following got their mail at Mead: John Bromm, Chas. Burmeister, Peter H. Dau, W. W. Dean, , Israel Ericson, George Flanigan, Fred Forgette, Joseph Forgette, Merlon T. Frederick, William Gehrmann, Peter Hanson, Ed Holden, John Holden, P. J. Holden, F. H. Jacobs, Frank Karloff, John F. Karloff, J. H. Karloff, Dennis Kavanaugh, W. J. Lehr, J. H. Ohm, A. S. Parmenter, C. A. Parrish, John Parrish, Chris Passo, Aels Paulsen, William Paulsen, Herman Peters, J. L. Phelan, J. W. Phelan, W. C. Phelan, H. J. Siebken, J. C. Thompson, W. F. Thompson, G. E. Vorse, Otto Wagner, George Wilgus, S. M. Wilgus, Henry Witte, S. S. Workman and W. A. Young.

The following got their mail at Memphis: Joseph Bargar, O. P. Biggerstaff, J. L. Clark, J. W. Clark, E. M. Evans, Bette William Jacobs, D. Jacobs, C. L. Johnson, Joseph Klotz Sr., George Laudenschlager, Frank Lohry, H. D. Mays, J. C. Norris, L. E. Norris, Sarah A. Norris, William Padget, T. B. Parks, B. F. Parmenter, F. W. Parrish, N. B. Parrish, Frank Semenec, Joseph Semenec, Mart Semenec, Alex Thulin, Charles Ueberrhein, A. J. Wagner, J. F. Wagner, Grant Wagner, H. H. Wagner, William Wagner.